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Why Sprinter Vans Make Fantastic Family Vehicles

Why Sprinter Vans Make Fantastic Family Vehicles

In many situations, for understandable reasons, most of the conversation surrounding sprinter vans, shuttle vans and fleet services is in the commercial world. These high-quality vehicles are useful throughout many areas of the business real, from converting them into mobile offices to using them for product delivery, pickup and much more.

At Warner Vans of Utah, however, we’re here to remind you of another excellent use of our custom sprinter vans: As a family vehicle. Many sprinters are designed for general passenger use, and these can be customized to any needs or requirements you or your family has. Let’s go over some of the basics here, plus several benefits of considering sprinter vans for your next family vehicle.

Basics and Licensure

To understand how sprinters are split up in terms of variety, use Mercedes-Benz as an example. They produce three classes of sprinter: Passenger, Cargo and Crew vans. In the case of the latter two, parts are disassembled when the vehicles are sent from Germany to the US for tax reasons, then reassembled at a facility in South Carolina. There may be minor restrictions in some cases or areas on speed of delivery and licensure areas.

For Passenger options, however, no such tax laws are present and they are shipped whole. This also means there are no restrictions on licensure or who can drive these vehicles, and they’re also often received faster.

Whether you’re buying from Mercedes-Benz or one of our other high-quality brands, our next few sections will offer some reasons why these vans are so perfect for passengers and family use:

Safety Considerations

For starters, there are very few vehicles on the road that can boast the safety qualities and functions of sprinter vans. The manufacturers of these vehicles have gone above and beyond to ensure they’re safe, including numerous automated features that are rarely available in many other passenger vehicle types.

Areas like parktronic sensors, lane and break assists, hill assistance, crosswind and high-beam automation, rear view cameras, blind spot monitoring and many others are all offered in most sprinter vans. Ask our pros about additional safety areas as well.

Space and Seating

If you have a large family, the sprinter is a perfect way to ensure everyone has their space while traveling together. Many sprinter models can hold up to 15 or even 17 occupants, all within reasonable seating arrangements that keep everyone comfortable. There are variations with higher roofs than normal, plus various seating options beyond simple seats – couches, captain chairs, etc.

Convenience and Entertainment

Finally, a sprinter allows for everyone in the family to be comfortable, entertained and relaxed during travel. There’s easily enough space to entertain kids in a variety of ways, from electronics and WiFi connectors to many others. There are also numerous potential on-board convenience items to consider, such as bathrooms, kitchen appliances and many more.

For more on how sprinters work fantastically as family vehicles, or to learn about any of our custom or luxury sprinter options, speak to the pros at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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