Sprinter Cargo Vans

Our Sprinter Cargo vans are the ideal vehicles for any business with a need for medium-duty storage and transportation. Equipped with the latest, innovative safety features on the market, these vans will ensure your crew and your cargo are as safe as possible. Sprinter Cargo vans are also considered best-in-class when it comes to their cargo volume capacity. No other cargo van even comes close to providing you with the sheer amount of space a Sprinter Cargo van does. Aside from the extra space, our Sprinter vans are reliable, comfortable, and fuel efficient; they get 18 to 22 miles per gallon.


Browse our selection of Sprinter Cargo vans today, and contact us to reserve today. Select any van image or name below and you may view current market rates. Rates are subject to change and are seasonal, so book early. Special rates are available for extended rental periods. Call (801) 956-2727 for details.


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Other Information:

    • Rates do not include License Recovery Fees, State Sales Tax, or STVR Tax.
    • Mileage Limit per Rental Period:
      • 200 miles per rental dav.
      • 1.300 miles per rental week.
      • Additional miles are $0.35 ea. for every additional mile over the allowed limit. Monthly mileage limit may be negotiated per contract. Call us for information.
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Cancellation Fees:

  • $50 cancellation fee minimum.
  • If cancelled more than 2 weeks out, $150 refunded ($200 deposit less $50 cancellation fee).

  • If cancelled 3-13 days before rental, $100 refunded ($200 deposit less $50 cancellation fee for canceling close to reservation date).

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