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Tips for Maximizing Van Space

At Warner Vans of Utah, we’re proud of the numerous uses our custom sprinter vans provide for our customers. Whether you’re a food company in need of a catering van, a hotel requiring luxury vans for guest transportation or any of the wide range of fields in between, we have high-quality new and used sprinter vans available for you.

For a variety of reasons, you might be looking for ways to clear space in your van. Given all our experience in the field, we can naturally offer a few tips here as well.

Gear Assessment

For starters, take a broad assessment of the kind of gear that needs to be in your sprinter van. If you’re a traveler who uses the van as a temporary home, think about places to store bags, clothes and other essentials. If you’re a hotel manager looking to maximize comfort and space for guests, you’ll likely have a fairly low gear list. On the flip side, if you’re a food company using a refrigerated van for transportation services, you might have lots of equipment and placement to consider.

Convertible Spaces

If you’re struggling for storage space, consider the convertible spaces in your van. You may not need every row of seats for a given trip, for instance, and this might open up additional space.

Use Odd Storage Areas

Sprinter vans have more nooks and crannies than you might think, and you should maximize these if you’re coming up short on space. Think of the kinds of items that can be folded or otherwise shortened to help them fit in places like under seats or in gap areas. You’ll likely be able to fit in a few essentials that you might not have had room for otherwise.

Clothing and Multi-Use Items

If you’re using your van for travel and space is a big consideration, consider ways to minimize your clothing packing. Pack smart and generally light – the more times you’ve done this, the easier it will be to understand exactly how much space you have.

One area that can help many people here is multi-use items. Think of ways your standard items can double with other uses, the way a spork eliminates the use of both a spoon and a fork.

Leave Some Room

There are many situations where you should be leaving extra room in case you need it. This is particularly true for travelers, who should always expect to return a bit heavier on items than they were when they left. If you pack everything to full capacity when you’re leaving home, chances are you’ll be over capacity by the time you get back.

Keep it Organized

More than anything else, the biggest tip we can offer here is to stay organized. Designate specific areas for certain common items, and don’t allow messes to build up over time if being able to find things is ever a priority.

For more on how to maximize the space in your sprinter van, or to learn about any of our sale options or service offerings, speak to the pros at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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