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Steps for Adjusting Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Steering Wheel

At Warner Vans of Utah, we’re here to do more than just sell you a Sprinter van and move on. No, we’re full-service professionals who can provide you with not only a huge selection of new and pre-owned luxury Sprinter vans, but also all the expertise and service you require to keep your van on the road and accomplishing its required tasks at peak efficiency.

This includes our fleet shop, where our high-level pros have decades of combined experience working with both Mercedes-Benz and other Sprinter models. Whether you’re in need of basic maintenance like oil changes or tire rotations or require larger repairs like transmission or other work, we’re on hand to assist you.

We can also provide numerous areas of basic expertise, which are often necessary for those who have not owned or operated a Sprinter van before. In particular, there are several areas of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters that allow for convenient adjustment based on the driver – one such area is the steering wheel, which can be moved in a variety of ways to make operating the van safer and simpler. What follows is a simple step-by-step process for adjusting your steering wheel properly, plus a guide for where the safest and recommended positions are for the steering wheel and other parts of the driving area.


First, climb into your Sprinter van and sit in a normal driving position in front of the steering wheel. To begin adjusting the wheel’s positioning, simply reach under the wheel area until your hand locates the basic adjustment lever. This lever will generally sit under and slightly to the right of the wheel itself, depending on the model, and will stick out noticeably to show you where to pull it. It will sit in a position where it’s mostly even with the rest of the underside of the wheel, but when released will pull downward and separate slightly.

Positioning Options and Proper Area

Once you’ve unlocked the steering wheel, how you’re able to adjust it will depend on which Sprinter model you’re driving. Some will allow for you to only adjust the wheel up and down based on your height, but others will allow for both this and for inward and outward adjustments – these are great if you have shorter or longer arms.

Generally, you want to position the steering wheel so it’s a comfortable distance in front of you. When sitting upright with your back straight, you should be able to reach the steering wheel with your arms only slightly bent.

Leg Room Underneath Steering Wheel

While making these adjustments, consider your legs as well. You don’t want to adjust the steering wheel so low that your legs cannot fit adequately, which might impact your ability to drive safely.

For more on adjusting the steering wheel of your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, or to learn about any of our custom Sprinter options, speak to the staff at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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