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Sprinter Van Uplift Vs. Conversion Upgrades, Part 1

In many cases, sprinter vans are purchased by an individual or business with the goal of some kind of customization. These vans are widely used across a number of specific industries, several of which have particular needs that can be met through this sort of customization.

At Warner Vans of Utah, our custom sprinters have helped clients in numerous fields, from food vans to shuttle vans and everything in between. We’re also happy to offer a full range of sprinter services at our fleet shop, including providing whatever assistance we can when it comes to any upgrades or customization areas you’re interested in. In many cases, these upgrades fall into two classifications: Van conversions and van uplifts. Let’s spend this two-part blog defining each of these, plus showcasing some examples of each for your education.

Basic Definitions

When it comes to defining these terms, we’re really talking about the level of involvement required. For lighter customization work, the kind that leaves the primary core design mostly the same and instead adds custom components and features on top of this, we would generally use the term “van uplift.”

For more extensive work that’s done, however, the term “van conversion” will be used. This may refer to a particular travel usage or some other need for much of the van’s interior to be taken apart, then reconfigured with different dimensions (still falling under an OEM-approved range, of course). In many cases, the manufacturer is involved directly with van conversions.

Van Conversions

Generally speaking, van conversions will be completed using an entirely new interior for the van. Areas like side walls, consoles, storage areas, doors, trims, balances and even the ceiling will be redone, along with other components if needed. Vinyl or leather may be upgraded in some cases.

From here, your list of personalized options is virtually endless. You can speak to a manufacturer about a wide variety of conversion formats, from family and camper choices to mobile offices, pet grooming or many others (we’ll go over some of these areas in part two of this blog).

Van Uplifts

With van uplifts, the basic structure remains unchanged. Some of the major pieces here include exterior uplifts, such as installing rear view cameras, sensors, alarms, remote starts or drop-down ladders for various needs.

There are also interior options, including luxury seating, WiFi options, gaming and other electronic possibilities, luggage racks, waste bins and nearly anything else you can think of. Transportation companies will use uplifts to make their vehicles comfortable and luxurious for all their potential passengers.

For more on the differences between van uplifts and van conversions, or to learn about how we can help you with either one or our large stock of luxury sprinter vans, speak to the pros at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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