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Sprinter Van Tire Care Tips

Sprinter Van Tire Care Tips

When it comes to keeping your luxury Sprinter van in great condition, the pros at Warner Vans of Utah are here to help. Our fleet shop pros can help with every bit of maintenance you may need, from Sprinter alignment and brakes to check engine lights and many other areas.

One of the primary areas we can help you maintain are your tires, which are essential elements of any Sprinter van. Because they carry more weight than the average passenger vehicle, the proper care for your tires is even more important than it is for your everyday car. The right tactics here can get you years of additional lifespan from your tires, while inattention to your tires can not only lead to replacements needed far more often, but also potential issues with other components of your Sprinter van. Here are some areas to keep in mind when it comes to your Sprinter’s tires.

Proper Tires

For starters, it’s always important to have the right tires on the vehicle to begin with. Our new Sprinter vans always come with the properly outfitted tires, as do our pre-owned options – if you happen to buy your Sprinter from another used source, however, make sure you check on the tire type in advance. Undersized Sprinter tires will not be as efficient as the proper size, and can also lead to significant balance and alignment issues in some cases.

Inflation Levels

Some people mistakenly think tires can only lose their inflation levels if they have holes or cracks, but this is not the case. Tires will still naturally lose pressure over time, particularly if they are carrying a heavy load on a regular basis. Underinflated tires will wear down faster than others, and they will also put more pressure on your Sprinter’s alignment in the process. Checking tire pressure is simple, with easy-to-use fillers available at most gas stations today.

Tire Rotation

Roughly every 6,000 miles, or even more often if you’re regularly hauling heavy loads, you should have your Sprinter tires rotated. Rotation of tires allows for them to wear evenly, rather than certain tires wearing down faster than others and leading to earlier replacements needed. Tire rotation is key to getting the absolute most out of each tire.

Driving Habits

In general, it’s good to be a cautious and careful driver in your Sprinter. This is for non-tire reasons, of course – you want to protect the quality of your vehicle and avoid any risky situations. But it’s also for the benefit of your tires, which will be in better shape if you avoid areas like debris, potholes and any high curbs. Any objects you run over with tires may damage them, particularly sharp or hard items.

Cleaning Tires

Wherever possible, look to keep your tires clean and free of dirt or pebbles. These kinds of items aren’t big issues, but lots of stuck debris in the tires can cause them to wear down a little faster over the years.

For more on maintaining your Sprinter’s tires, or to learn about any of our custom Sprinter vans, speak to the pros at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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