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Service A and B Maintenance for Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

Service A and B Maintenance for Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

At Warner Vans of Utah, one of the areas of our business we pride ourselves on most is our sprinter fleet repair center. Whether you have a check-engine light or any other issue taking place with your sprinter, our team is here to provide a wide array of services, including full certification for all Mercedes-Benz vans.

Within the Mercedes-Benz realm, a defined schedule for regular maintenance of both sprinters and other vehicles has already been laid out for you. This service is generally split into terms called Service A and Service B, both areas where our technicians are fully licensed and experienced. Let’s go over some general expectations for both, plus how you’ll know it’s time for each of these service areas and what you need to do when the time comes.

Flex Maintenance Schedule

Generally speaking, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are services using a flex schedule. This means that indicators on the control panel connected to various components of the vehicle will warn you when it’s time for certain service areas.

The first step here is generally between 5,000 and 6,000 miles for a new Mercedes sprinter. During this first service, we’ll do a basic inspection and also rotate your tires, preparing you for the next basic interval of time.

Service A

Within some number of months after this initial service, depending on the wear-and-tear you put on your sprinter, you will see a single wrench icon that comes up on your control panel. This means it’s time for Service A to take place on the vehicle.

In many cases, Service A requires multiple appointments to complete in full. It will include each of the following areas:

  • Synthetic motor oil replacement, as well as replacement of the oil filter
  • Full brake inspection
  • Tire inflation check and correction
  • Fluid check and correction
  • Resetting of the maintenance counter – this will inform your vehicle that Service A has been completed.

Service B

On occasions where you notice two wrenches that are illuminated on your control panel rather than just one, this means it’s time for Service B on your Mercedes-Benz sprinter. Service B is a more involved process, one where our expert technicians use special equipment to examine your engine and its various components.

They will ensure all areas are working properly, including electronics, computerized areas and all mechanical parts. They will also check your heating and cooling system, ensuring you have proper levels of coolant. Finally, they will check all fuel lines and related connections for any damage, plus check the fuel tank vapor vent system for quality. When Service B is finished, the process resets – you go through basic tire rotation and inspection, then Service A, then Service B, and so on.

For more on Service A and Service B areas for your Mercedes-Benz sprinter van, or to learn about any of our other fleet shop services for your luxury sprinter, speak to the staff at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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