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Preparing Your Sprinter Van for a Summer Road Trip

Preparing Your Sprinter Van for a Summer Road Trip

Summer is upon us, and for many Utah residents, that means it’s time to prepare for road trip season. And for families or groups who take regular summer trips, a luxury sprinter van can be the perfect companion.

At Warner Vans of Utah, we proudly offer not only brand new custom sprinter options, but also numerous sprinter van rentals, including camper vans that are perfect for traveling with a group. On top of all this, we offer high-quality sprinter service that will keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and ready to handle the rigors of multiple long road trips. With this theme in mind, what are some basic vehicle maintenance areas you should consider before a road trip?

Charged Battery

For starters, check the battery well in advance of beginning your trip. The last thing you want is to be stuck sitting on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, waiting for an expensive tow truck to drive hours from the nearest town to give you a jump or change the battery.

Lights and Wipers

To check your sprinter’s lights ahead of the trip, which is vital even if you don’t plan to be driving at night (lights are needed during storms or other adverse weather conditions), you’ll need a spotter for assistance. Have this person stand outside the sprinter as you turn lights on and off in every area – make sure they know which lights are supposed to turn on at which times so there are no errors. Include normal lights such as headlights and taillights, but also fog lights, signal lights and any others.

You’ll also want to check out your windshield wipers. If possible, the best way to do this is simply by driving through some rain. If it’s dry ahead of your trip, splash some water on the windshield and also test the wipers using windshield cleaning fluid from your engine.

Tire Pressure

Like with your battery, checking tire pressure ahead of time prevents the risk of being stuck on the side of the road. Use a basic tire gauge to check the pressure level of all four tires plus your spare, which you should always bring on a road trip. Bring the tire gauge with you on the trip so you can check pressure levels regularly.

GPS and Navigation

Even if you’ve been to your destination before, it’s important to have GPS and other navigational assists present just in case. Luckily, most modern smartphones have built-in GPS systems that will assist you here.

General Tuneup

Many of the above areas, plus several others you may not have considered, will be covered by our 27-point fleet shop inspection – one we offer on a complementary basis for many of our sprinters.

For more on the areas to consider while preparing for a road trip, or to learn more about any of our luxury sprinter vans, speak to the staff at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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