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Organizing a Sprinter Van Wheelchair Access Conversion

In previous months in this space, we’ve discussed many of the uplifts and conversions available to clients purchasing sprinter vans. There are many such conversions that can broadly impact the features and functions of your sprinter, and one that’s highly useful across numerous fields and groups of people is the wheelchair-accessible conversion.

At Warner Vans of Utah, we’re happy to help you customize and personalize your sprinter for a variety of needs, including for those who require wheelchair access to travel. Let’s look at some of the primary benefits that come with owning a van that’s been converted in this manner, some of the accessories and features you might consider, and tips for making your final choice based on all the available factors.

Benefits of Wheelchair Conversion Vans

  • Safety: The primary need and benefit for wheelchair conversions in sprinter vans is for safety. Not only is this important for getting those in wheelchairs in and out of the vehicle, it’s also important for travel once the doors are closed and the vehicle is moving. Sprinter vans include tie-down straps and other strong safety harnessing devices, plus feature stable tub floors that don’t allow for easy rolling during stops or starts. These vans are also put through significant testing to ensure they follow all requirements.
  • Convenience: You may have jerry-rigged another car or van to assist someone in a wheelchair with entry and exit, but this sort of thing can’t compare to a true sprinter wheelchair conversion. These include lowered floors, raised roofs and mechanical elements that directly assist with raising and lowering the wheelchair.
  • Comfort: For many in a wheelchair, the prospect of transferring from the ground into a vehicle is terrifying. It puts pressure on several areas and may lead to discomfort. With sprinter van conversions, though, this can be done easily with lifts and ramps, plus in-van comfort support.

Accessories and Features

There are several possible accessories or features you may consider for a wheelchair sprinter van conversion:

  • Captain seating: With several different motorizations and positions for comfort and easy access.
  • Other seating: Various arrangements can be put together.
  • Storage: Options like overhead racks and similar areas make storage a breeze without getting in the way.
  • Medical devices: Install specific storage racks if medical devices or products need to be kept in the van.

Tips for Making Your Choice

  • Make a list of the features and accessories you want and need, including their costs.
  • Choose the type of lift you want – real, UVL or other.
  • Consider storage, number of people traveling, equipment transportation and other details.
  • Consider meeting with a mobility consultant, someone who is well-trained on these kinds of conversions and can inform you on basic spatial and other areas.

For more on creating a great wheelchair conversion for your sprinter van, or to learn about any of our custom sprinter van options, speak to the pros at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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