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Notable Upgrades to 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans

Notable Upgrades to 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans

Mercedes-Benz has long been one of the elite names in automobile manufacturing, and a big part of this is their continued commitment to modern upgrades. Every year, major Mercedes models receive major upgrades in important areas, the kind that set this company apart from many others in the space.

At Warner Vans of Utah, we experience this quality every year with the introduction of new Mercedes-Benz sprinter vans to add to our wide selection. What are some of the upgrades that Mercedes put in place for their 2019 sprinter vans? Here’s a basic primer on this transition into the third generation of Mercedes-Benz sprinters.

General Drivability

There are several areas of general drivability that were enhanced in new 2019 sprinter models, including the following:

  • Crosswind assist: Monitors strong side winds and applies braking adjustments for safety and efficiency
  • Lane assist: For distracted drivers
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • 360-degree parking camera with 12 individual sensors for tighter spaces
  • Rear-cross traffic alerts while in reverse

Engine Specs

For those who want to get more detailed, here are a few of the new engine and under-the-hood specifications you can find in 2019 models:

  • Engine: 2019 Mercedes Benz sprinters contain a 3.0 turbodiesel V6 engine, one with a nine-speed automatic transmission. A 2.1 four-cylinder diesel engine is another option.
  • Drive format: Available in either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.
  • PRO Connect: A new feature that allows fleet managers to control registered vehicles and drivers within their network.

MBUX System

Inside the cockpit, the 2019 sprinter contains the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) Infotainment System, one that was previously only available in passenger cars until this year. This offers a beautiful, crisp video display with touch controls and voice controls alike, responding in conversation format to basic commands. There are also upgraded steering wheel controls that allow for safer interaction with the system while driving. The MBUX system is fully compatible with Apple, Google and other devices for playing music, podcasts or other audio.

Cockpit and Dashboard

There are several additional dashboard and cockpit upgrades to consider:

  • Comfort: Mercedes-Benz overhauled their comfort design, improving power options and cushioning for reduced fatigue while driving and superior support.
  • Space: The space between driver and copilot chairs has been increased to make movement within the cabin simpler.
  • Lockable storage: Additional compartments are included in the front top dashboard.
  • Cup holders: Larger and more cup-holders are included than in previous models.
  • Outlets: A mixture of USB, USB-C, 12-volt and 115-volt outlets are present to ensure all devices can be charged.

Other Upgrades

A few other upgrades to consider:

  • Foldable side mirrors, for parking and to avoid damage with a wide vehicle.
  • Passenger sliding door: This door is now motorized, and can be controlled from the driver’s seat or using the keys.
  • Side step: If desired, a side step for simple entry and exit is available on new sprinter models.

For more on the upgrades present in 2019 Mercedes-Benz sprinter models, or to learn about any of our luxury sprinter van options, speak to the staff at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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