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Common Mobile Business Options Utilizing Sprinters, Part 1

Customization Options for Sprinter Van Ceilings

When customizing or converting a luxury sprinter van, many of the initial considerations come in the expected areas. Seating formats, comfort concerns and even entertainment-related upgrades are often covered first, and this is totally understandable.

At Warner Vans of Utah, we’re just here to remind you not to forget about one other high-value area when you’re customizing a sprinter: The ceiling. There are a plethora of modern options available to you for designing your ceiling, whether it involves matching the style of the rest of the van or creating a whole new thematic area. Let’s look at several of the top options available to you, which in reality are only scratching the surface of what’s available.

Multimedia Displays

One of the top modern choices many buyers make when looking to customize a luxury sprinter is including multimedia displays in several possible areas – including the ceiling. These kinds of displays allow you to change the color and environment of the ride with the push of a button, perfect for entertaining guests or a corporate event evening out on the town.

And if no one is in the mood for a different atmosphere? No worries, simply change the display to an external camera view that gives passengers the illusion of a moonroof. When it comes to combining luxury and modern technology, this is at the top of the list.

Leather Options

You have a couple good options available if you’re looking to go a bit simpler and install classy leather ceiling materials:

  • Diamond-pattern: This is a classic leather look, one often used with beige or lighter-colored materials to show off class and elegance. This leather brings texture and richness.
  • Suede leather: You might also consider suede leather, which comes in similarly classy formats as the diamond-pattern but in a more basic format. This is really just a preference thing, whether you prefer a minimalist design or something a bit more patterned in your leather.

LED Lighting

A step below multimedia displays but still a major highlight for many who get in your sprinter, LED lights in the ceiling help set the mood. You can choose virtually any color, and can set automated timers for when you want the colors or patterns to change.

Luggage Racks

Finally, on the more functional side of things is the luggage rack. These are common in shuttle busses and other transportation formats for sprinters, allowing people to store things without them being in the way. It’s easy to install accompanying LED reading lights and AC ducts in these areas to ensure air flow and convenience for everyone.

For more on your numerous ceiling options when it comes to sprinter van customization and conversion, or to learn about any of our custom sprinter products, speak to the staff at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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