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Converting Sprinter Van Into a Mobile Office, Part 1

At Warner Vans of Utah, we’re proud to provide luxury sprinter vans that serve a wide variety of purposes for our clients. Through various forms of customization, you can turn a sprinter into a valuable part of your business or personal life faster than you might think.

One of the areas of use that’s rising in popularity for our sprinters over recent years? The mobile office. Often an element of convenience and customer-facing presentation that can make a huge difference, the mobile office is becoming more and more popular for a few important reasons. Let’s look at these in this two-part blog, plus go over some style options available to you if you’re looking to convert a sprinter into a mobile office.

Air Travel Hassles

Particularly for businesses with employees who travel regularly between airports that aren’t too far away from each other, air travel can be a hassle both in terms of time and expenses. You have to deal with everything from security checkpoints to boarding and departure times, plus the possibility of delays in some cases. From here, you then have to often separately arrange for ground transportation.

However, mobile offices are growing as one form of alternative here. Especially for businesses with executives who often make these kinds of shorter trips, keeping a more optimal form of transportation that also serves as a workspace is starting to make a lot of sense.

Modern Mobile Offices

In the past, the term “mobile office” was mostly reserved for high-paid executives and CEOs, who would use these as luxurious private areas to work. And while this is still a common use, the options here have expanded significantly over recent years.

In particular, many businesses are viewing the mobile office as a way to both save money and impress clients. These offices often reduce major funds spent on airfare between satellite offices or to meetings with clients, and better yet, they serve as a wonderful presentation format for these kinds of in-person meetings. For this reason, many public-facing businesses are using mobile offices not only to save money, but also to reach out to a wider range of clients by showcasing products, services and overall commitment in a unique format.

Our upcoming sections, including part two of this blog, will go over some of the various styles and efficiency factors you should be considering if you’re making this kind of conversion.

Executive Styling

If your goal is indeed to cater the mobile office to executives, there are a few areas you can prioritize:

  • Seating: Captain seating and high-quality leather materials, plus numerous movement options, bring luxury to the format.
  • Electronics and WiFi: Allowing passengers to both conduct business and entertain themselves as needed.
  • Table space: For those who require a desk format.
  • Printers, fax machines and other: These kinds of standard office elements can be included easily.

For more on converting your sprinter into a mobile office, or to learn about any of our custom sprinter van options, speak to the staff at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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