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Common Mobile Business Options Utilizing Sprinters, Part 1

Common Mobile Business Options Utilizing Sprinters, Part 1

Luxury sprinter vans from Mercedes-Benz and other high-quality companies have numerous beneficial qualities, and at or near the top of any list is their versatility. Sprinter vans are used for an incredibly wide range of needs, from basic transportation to a number of practical business or personal applications you may never have fully considered.

At Warner Vans of Utah, we’re happy to help you find the best new or pre-owned custom sprinter van options for whatever your needs are. One of the largest customer areas we help serve are those looking to either create or supplement a mobile business fleet – let’s look at some of the various themes a sprinter can be valuable for here in this two-part blog, including several of the most popular forms of mobile business or use.

Mobile Business Options

As a business owner, particularly if you’re operating a smaller business, figuring out ways to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out is important. A mobile business is a great way to help accomplish this, and you have a few options at your disposal here from a broad standpoint:

  • Primary location: For certain business types, your sprinter can serve as the primary location where the business operates from.
  • Business extension: In other cases, you may have a building that serves as your primary location but use one or more sprinters as mobile extensions.
  • Full fleets: Other companies are largely based around fleets of mobile operators.

Our next several sections, including stretching into part two of this blog, will detail some of the most popular uses of sprinters within the mobile business world.

Production Station

In many cases, movies or TV shows will film at extremely remote locations, such as the Utah desert for example. During these periods, employees of these productions – from directors and producers to actors and crew members – will spend days or even weeks in these kinds of conditions.

And while living quarters are generally found in the form of larger trailers or RVs, sprinters are commonly used in this setting as a production station. They’re perfect for holding things like camera equipment, recorded footage, monitors, desks and various other items, including those that need to be stored in air-conditioned environments. They also provide a level of comfort and certain valuable amenities, such as WiFi portals.

Hair Services

Maybe the single most common form of mobile business these days is the mobile barbershop or hair salon. Perfect for making individual visits to clients, or even just for plopping down in a busy metropolitan area and drawing customers, these kinds of salons are both quaint and highly functional. Customers receive high levels of convenience in a more intimate setting than they’re used to.

For more on some of the common mobile business ideas sprinters are perfect for, or to learn about any of our custom sprinter van options, contact the pros at Warner Vans of Utah today.

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